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Crystal Light Boxes
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The Crystal Light Box is perfect for displaying signs, graphics and images. Drawing attention by combining simplicity and elegance in its design.

Our Crystal Light Box is both thin and energy efficient. The light box has polished, beveled edges with chromed silver accents. The illuminated edges of the Crystal Light Box captivate the attention of the viewers while exuding a sense of elegance.

The light box uses LED technology which are both low in power consumption and provides a long life-span (20,000 hours lifespan).
This beautiful illuminated light box is ready to be mounted on your wall either vertically or horizontally.

Available sizes are;

1)     Dimensions:                                                   

      Overall Size:   20.25" x 28"x 1.5"
      Screen Size:   15.5" x 22.25"
      Graphic Size:  16.5"x 23.25"
      Voltage:         110V
      Weight:          8LB

2)    Dimensions:

      Overall Size:  28.25" x 36"x 1.5"
      Screen Size:   22" x 30.25"
      Graphic Size:  23"x 31.25
      Voltage:        110V
      Weight:         15LB