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Fluorescent Marker Board


Illuminated Fluorescent Marker Boards make perfect menu signs
for bars and restaurants.

 These light-up signs allow you to convey your message to your customers in the BRIGHTEST ways. Now you don't have to worry if it's too dark for your guests to see what the daily special is, they can't miss it!

Our illuminated fluorescent marker boards are made from Mitsubishi scratch resistant acrylic so you know it’ll last. The cold cathode fluorescent lights have a lifespan of 20,000 hours. That means if you decide to leave your board on day and night, never turning it off, you’ll still have to wait over 2 years before having to replace the lights.

  Included back-stand allows free standing action both horizontally and vertically. Also works well mounted on a wall.

  Easy to write on, built to last, brilliant display.

Available in;

14" X 19"
20" X 26"
26" X 35"



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